The objective of the course is to initiate young life-science scientists to the bases of machine learning, and how to use it in Python with the scikit-learn package.


The course will include twelve classes (two per week), each two-hours long, over a period of six weeks (with a one-week break), in April-May 2024.

A large part of each class will be devoted to practical coding exercises, further requiring a few hours of homework per week.


  • The participants will be regularly asked to explain their code during the classes.
  • Coding exercises and quizzes will be proposed over the duration of the course.

Course material:

The course will be based on the INRIA open online course (, adapted towards biology.

Course pre-requisites:

A little bit of Linux and good bases in Python (being able to handle numpy arrays, ideally pandas dataframes, and knowing how to make plots).

If you have no Linux/Unix background, you can check the first sections of an online course such as